Don Miller writes about things in a way that reframes how I see the everyday. This is his blog.

Frederick Buechner has more insight into the human condition and more ability to articulate it than I ever will. Read The Hungering Dark.

Marilynne Robinson is a genius. Unequivocally. Without exaggeration. Gilead was stunning. You must read this book. I’m not even kidding.

Michael Ondaatje strings sentences together that you want to savour and sink into. They evoke the feeling of the quietness of a lazy cup of afternoon tea. In the Skin of a Lion is a joy to be relished.

Tim Winton captures relationships and moods and stories really well in vignettes. I love Scission. So very much. I think you will too.

Bob Goff lives a life that seeks to make much of God by pursuing His heart for justice and mercy. He’s also a really kind and friendly guy. Check his blog.

Sufjan Stevens sporadically keeps a very odd blog which is fun to read. You can find it here.

Ray Ortlund keeps a fantastic and stimulating blog that is characterised by brevity and profundity. I recommend it if you’re looking for something bite-sized to chew over throughout your day.

Tim Keller has profoundly shaped the way I think about life, the human heart, and the gospel of grace. If you’re into intellectual engagement, he’s your man.

Matt Chandler is fired up about the transformative and life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ. He’s uncompromising about its truth and passionate about loving people by telling them what they need to hear. Listen to his podcasts.

JR Vassar speaks incisively about the human heart and the regenerative power of the grace of God. REALLY recommend you listen to him.