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A word from grandpa

I felt the company of another’s gaze, so I turned to my left, and found the owner of the gaze.


Milky blue eyes peered down from beyond spectacles, and smiled in reply.


‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m looking at you.’

I chuckled. And as I reached for the cinnamon, I inquired of this man seated next to me with a fondness in my cadence, ‘Tell me, why are you looking at me?’

I anticipated the familiar flicker in his cheek, the herald of humour and wit, but when my glance rested back with his eyes, they were met with a settled sincerity.

‘Why? I’m looking at you because I don’t see you enough.’

A moment of profundity mingled with the buttering of toast and pouring of juice, as he spoke a hundred words through the warm expression on his wrinkled face.

‘I don’t see you enough either, Pa.’

And the current of the conversation wove on across the breakfast table.


Just another word

Today I spent the morning with a friend who is no longer at uni. I have missed her dearly.

There was a stillness about her. A stability, a centredness, a quiet contentment that has a smile tucked in the corners of its frame.

“He has a commitment to my heart.”

Her boy has shown her what it is to be loved by someone who is not phased or impressed by her external attributes, by her erratic words, by her irrational behaviour, by her inconsistencies and irritating traits, by her abilities, by her weight, by her clothes. He loves her, not these external things. He is committed to her heart.

We thought that relationship is the most powerful way that God can communicate to us what He means when He says that He is love, and that He delights over us. That His love is an anchor that goes deep beneath the rough surface of the waves, deep down into our self, to a still place underwater, where our sense of self is firmly secured in the seabed. Unmovable, unchanged by our behaviour, our words, our inconsistencies. Constant.

There’s a freedom in that that I really want to know more than I do.