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This. Is. Too. Great!

Perez Hilton featured Shed Muzak on his blog, which has triggered an inundation of views (over 16 000) and comments like,

boy white shirt is so sexy´╗┐

But seriously, check out their A cappella cover of Ke$ha’s ‘Blow!’.


I have some friends. (I know, right? WHAT?!)

They are fun, outrageous, and ridiculous. I love them dearly. They also happen to be stupidly talented. One day, after playing together at the annual conference for the Christian group at our uni, they decided to jam. In jest, they called themselves ‘Shek Muzak and the Wafflecopters’, an allusion to Garage Hymnal and their love for roflcoptering and waffles.

It kind of stuck.

In any case, they’ve written some of their own stuff, but they’ve been doing a series of covers. Here’s one.